It’s in the music

Having a good playlist to listen to while running is huge for me. I know that not everyone is super keen on having music blasting in their ears when they want to focus on their run or race, but I have to have it. I will actually start to panic (just a little) if I am on a run and my iPod dies. I like to think that I have an interesting mix; pop, pop rock, rock, hip hop.  You name it, I have it….except country. Definitely, no country. I have an iPod shuffle just for running that I can clip on and not worry about having to hold anything or needing a case to hold something.

I think it is important to mix up the music you listen to while running to keep things fresh. The last thing you want is a playlist that you are bored with when you are looking for something to motivate you and give you a boost. I like to add/remove songs about every 4 weeks

At the moment, this some of the music that keeps my legs going:

       Walk – Foo Fighters

(I have a lot of Foo Fighters on my shuffle, but Walk has the best beat and I always feel an extra push when it comes on)



Pearl Jam

Besides making me feel like I am 17 again, I love the power behind the music.





Jay Z & Kanye

Watch The Throne is one of my favourite concerts to date. Otis is my ultimate favourite song from these two.



Wild Ones – Flo-rida

it’s poppy, it’s dancey (is that word?), it’s fun.





Without You – David Guetta & Usher

Even though it starts off slow, once Usher gets going so do I.






As a general rule I am not a Pitbull fan, but for running I make an exception.




I hope to see you out there running. Just don’t sneak up on me because I won’t hear you coming 😉

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