Get Fit in the City, Episode 3: Barreworks






In the latest episode of “Get Fit in the City”, viewers had the opportunity to watch Eva take on a Barreworks class. Barreworks – located  on Queen Street West, opened in Toronto back in June and it has been building steam ever since. Based on the fitness sensation that has hit New York and Los Angeles, the BarreworksTM system was created by a team of certified fitness, yoga and dance professionals, to achieve a long, lean and strong dancers physique.  If you have seen the video – and if you haven’t, then you have to watch it – you will see that Eva was led through the Mixed Level Barre class by Paulina. This class is a 1 hour muscle sculpting and cardio workout where they used fun props such as resistance bands, weighted balls and the barre itself to work their entire bodies.  I didn’t take part in this class, but as I watched it, I was envious.  Let me tell you, I will definitely be getting my butt into that class very soon! Paulina has an infectious energy that gets her class moving with great music pumping in the background.  I watched as Eva and the rest of the class broke a crazy sweat all while smiling and forgetting that they were working hard! Now that’s the way to work out.  They did stretches, lunges, jumping, planks, and bicep curls, and, of course, my favourite Ab work.  Are you new to fitness? No need to worry, this mixed level class is just that, you will find a mix of levels, and Paulina will talk you through modifications as needed.

Because it is relatively new to the Toronto fitness scene, I didn’t have any expectations from the class and the studio, but going there certainly surpassed anything I was thinking. Located above the famous Duke’s Cycle, Barreworks is a bright, big and clean space.  There are three studios, one of which is for spinning. Yes, there is actually a spin/barre hybrid for all of you who like dancing while riding a bike ;).

In addition to their signature Mixed level class, Barreworks offers: Barreworks express, which is basically a 40 min version of what you would find in the one hour mixed level class – perfect for all of you who work nearby and want to break a sweat at lunch ;), Spinbarre and Yogabarre. As a yogi myself, I have since gone back to the studio to check out the Yogabarre. Jaimee, who teaches it, is simply awesome. She teaches a Hatha vinyasa flow, but with her own flair added to it. In this class you will find unique stretches and flows and I loved that the class never stopped moving (unless of course you needed to). It was literally like performing a dance for an hour and fifteen minutes. It was the perfect combination of strength and stretch. So when you do get to the studio, I highly recommend this class as well!

So there you have it, my opinion on a great new studio that you have to check out! Why are you still sitting there reading? Get over to Queen West now!!





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