My name is Lisa Davidson and I am Yoga & Fitness expert and Masters runner living in downtown Toronto.

I was introduced to the world of health and fitness at a young age when I  ran on my school track team and started dancing. After many years of competing in dance, I turned professional and performed with a variety of companies around the world. Once I said goodbye to my performing days, I fell in love with yoga and fell back in love with running.

My passion for yoga brought me to Downward Dog where I completed my teacher certification, which was followed with a certification to teach Jock Yoga by its founder Michael Decorte. Finally, after those two trainings I completed my group fitness training and my spin training. Drawing on my enthusiasm for running, yoga and dance, in my classes you can expect to work up a sweat, build your strength and increase your stamina. In addition to teaching athletically challenging classes, I also enjoy teaching yoga specifically for runners.

I believe in the importance of both a mental and physical well-being for leading a happy and healthy life. When I am not on the mat or hitting the pavement to train for my next race, I strive to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle, starting with my amazing son.

Since 2008 I have run a plethora of 5ks,10ks, half marathons and two marathons, and I have no plans of stopping any time soon! In addition to running and yoga, I love snowboarding, and hitting the gym to cross train. I love shopping for fitness clothes and could easily spend too much money on the latest Nike and Lululemon leggings, but when it comes to “regular” clothes I am often picky and overwhelmed! I love baseball and football, not that I don’t enjoy other sports like hockey or basketball, but baseball and football are my favourites. During baseball season I spend a lot of time at the Dome…sorry Rogers Centre, it will always be the Skydome to me 🙂 During football season you will find me wearing my Tom Brady jersey pretty much every Sunday.

What else? I love reality TV, I mean I really love reality TV….I’m trying to do something about it.  Everything else I am sure will be revealed through my posts.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them!

You can catch me on Twitter & Instagram at: @TorontoFitMom
or shoot me an email: LADA1275@gmail.com

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