Transformation, Digital Champion and Chopra..oh my!

A week ago I returned from a transformation retreat with an incredible group of BCBD women. We spent a week in Cabo San Lucas, starting our days with meditation and yoga smack dab in between the ocean and pool. We followed that with a delicious breakfast, a breakfast so good that sadly I have not come close to making oatmeal that delish. We then got our butts handed to us by the lovely Eva Redpath in a BCBD bootcamp style class; I would run to lunch afterwards!

First day on the beach squatting…as you do.

beach squatA group shot of us girls after working hard!

BCBD girls





We would enjoy some down time by the pool or lounging in a hammock before getting together for some pretty emotional coaching sessions. I may or may not have cried multiple times. Last but not least a 4K run at sunset  (or sunrise one morning) on our very own private beach, and of course dinner.

This was my second year taking part in this incredible adventure, and my second year having the opportunity to share my passion of teaching yoga!

teaching yoga





It was my second year of setting and sharing goals. This year however I know that I am strong enough and in the right place to be held accountable for all the goals that I have set. Maybe it is the boost of confidence I have now after landing a teaching job at the gorgeous Chopra Yoga studio, and having an amazing opportunity to inspire people to run and join the Toronto Yonge Street 10K as a digital champion. Yoga and running are just two things that I am passionate about, and what I want to motivate and inspire people to do more of. Being where I am right now is simply amazing, and it just makes me realize how much more I want!

My days are now spent preparing classes to teach each week, and of course preparing playlists for those classes, planning my runs (both with and without my almost 2 year old son in a jogging stroller), being a mom, a wife and being honest about what I’m feeling and what I need. Life is too short to spend your days unhappy, angry and bitter. My vision board that I made on the retreat sits on my nightstand where I see it not just before I go to bed or wake up in the morning, but multiple times a day. It is a constant reminder that I am strong enough to go after what I want, need and deserve.

I have huge goals for running and yoga. I thank Chopra for bringing me on as a teacher and Canada Running Series for bringing me on as a Digital Champion for the Toronto Yonge Street 10K – anyone who follows me on twitter I’m sure has seen many tweets ending in #TYS10K….now you know why. Spread the love and join a great race, while you are at it, come on out to Chopra to stretch out 🙂 ! And of course thank you to the lovely ladies I went away with, and thank you to Eva our leader.

I know that big things are coming my way and I am 100% ready for it.

Get Fit in the City, Episode 5: Jock Yoga






In this week’s episode of Get Fit in the City, Eva (and myself) took a Jock Yoga class with Mr. Michael Decorte. If you haven’t had the pleasure to set foot in one of his classes, you truly are missing out.  Don’t let the name intimidate you at all, Jock Yoga is Michael’s take on power yoga where emphasis is on strength, endurance and toning. Jock yoga is designed for men and women, flexible or not. If you desire breaking a sweat in an intense class (like I do!), then you have to get yourself in one his classes as soon as you can.

In addition to making you hold Asanas (postures) for what seems like an illegal amount of time, Michael uses contemporary music throughout his class. Imagine if you will downward dogging to Madonna or Coldplay…. I love it! By the end of a class he will have you feeling strong enough to tackle an arm balance or two. Michael is also famous for the following quotes “one more”, “last one”…..between you and I, he is totally lying. That always means at least another 3-4.

If you like his regular classes and are really feeling up for a challenge, Michael does yoga bootcamps every few months. What exactly is a yoga bootcamp? Every Tuesday – Thursday from 6:45 – 7:45 am (yes am, not pm), he will put you through vigorous sequences that target different parts of the body on each day. Tuesday – legs, Wednesday – core (my fav!) Thursday – arms(which means so many chaturangas, you pretty much lose count.) Don’t you fret though! You work everything all the time no matter the day; you just have extra special things to do on certain days. I have been through three bootcamps and even though waking up at 5:15 is not my favourite thing to do, I look forward to doing it for his classes.

In addition to having super strong and amazing classes, Michael’s instructions are bang on. You honestly never have to take a peak around to see what other people are doing, he speaks super clearly to ensure that you understand and are not pulled out of your practice. Will you find traditional Ashtanga in his classes? Of course you will, but it is with a twist. You can attend a traditional Ashtanga class anywhere in the city. Where else will have you holding warrior 2 for the longest 10 second count ever (sometimes while holding yoga blocks in each hand!) Oh and you can rest assured that if anyone drops their arms, or comes out of a posture too soon, he will start counting from 1 again….My advice, don’t be that person!! And don’t be fooled thinking that when he turns his back you can rest….he knows all of our little tricks.

Want to try a class yet? You should, you will be hooked. I know I certainly am. Michael is definitely my favourite teacher. Check out his website to see where he is teaching and get yourself there: JOCK YOGA

Don’t be afraid of a little (or a lot) of sweat. It’s good for you 😉 





P.S. Don’t forget to watch: Get Fit in the City







I have had this blog post for awhile now. I kept going back and forth on whether or not I should post it. In the end I decided why not! The whole point of my blog is to share my feelings…..

With the end of the year fast approaching, I have been spending some time reflecting on my goals for 2012. What I achieved, what I totally slacked on and what will make the 2013 list?

A BIG goal for me was to let things roll off my back and focus on the happiness of myself, my husband and my son, and to remove negativity in my life. This. Has been HARD.VERY HARD! A friend on Facebook shared the photo at the top of this post and I had to share it as well. I am someone who is dealing with a constant, never ending whirlwind of negativity (not my own or anyone close to me, but an extension of something). I really can’t get too much into it here, but I will say that it is not always so easy to limit my time with negative people. Even if I don’t see these negative people on a regular basis, what they do and say to my loved ones turns me into a serious Mama bird and I do whatever I can to protect them.

Before I get further into this, let me set the record straight. I really am a positive person. Everyday I am thankful for so many things. My husband, my son, great friends, amazing parents who will spend way too long in traffic to drive downtown to baby-sit while I work on things that I am passionate about because they understand and support me, my health of course, my brother who even while living in NYC is there to talk for however long I need to talk. I really am thankful for TONS!

Back to negative people… I’m just going to come right out and say it… I just don’t get people sometimes. Like really? You really think that what you just said should have zero implications? Or really, someone treats someone you love poorly yet you continue to make nice and be friends? Really? Some might say that I need to be more forgiving, or more patient..more…I don’t know what. But what I will say is this, where I come from we believe in respect and it’s a two way street. If I don’t get it, I’m not going to give it, and we tend to stand by our loved ones. What I am actually trying to do is remove contamination and get through to others to get rid of it as well, but it literally feels like I am hitting my head against a wall sometimes as a result. Life is way too short to be angry and bitter, so I am not going let anyone bring me to that level no matter what. No matter what you are going through it is no excuse to treat others badly.

Believe me when I say that I certainly don’t think that everyone needs to go all guns a blazing and defend yourself or loved ones, but there is certainly nothing wrong with saying your piece. To stand up for yourself and then expect that others will understand and support you and not act like nothing happened and everyone is all sunshine and lollipops.

If you’re like me and you can’t actually remove the contamination, be honest about how you are feeling, talk about it, and as hard as it is remember, remember that:

I guess what I am trying to say is….”I am a good enough person to forgive you, but not stupid enough to trust you again”. Oh and the next time I see said negativity, I will be the bigger person and just say nothing at all. Unless of course you start in on who I love, then the gloves might come off 😉

Get Fit in the City, Episode 3: Barreworks






In the latest episode of “Get Fit in the City”, viewers had the opportunity to watch Eva take on a Barreworks class. Barreworks – located  on Queen Street West, opened in Toronto back in June and it has been building steam ever since. Based on the fitness sensation that has hit New York and Los Angeles, the BarreworksTM system was created by a team of certified fitness, yoga and dance professionals, to achieve a long, lean and strong dancers physique.  If you have seen the video – and if you haven’t, then you have to watch it – you will see that Eva was led through the Mixed Level Barre class by Paulina. This class is a 1 hour muscle sculpting and cardio workout where they used fun props such as resistance bands, weighted balls and the barre itself to work their entire bodies.  I didn’t take part in this class, but as I watched it, I was envious.  Let me tell you, I will definitely be getting my butt into that class very soon! Paulina has an infectious energy that gets her class moving with great music pumping in the background.  I watched as Eva and the rest of the class broke a crazy sweat all while smiling and forgetting that they were working hard! Now that’s the way to work out.  They did stretches, lunges, jumping, planks, and bicep curls, and, of course, my favourite Ab work.  Are you new to fitness? No need to worry, this mixed level class is just that, you will find a mix of levels, and Paulina will talk you through modifications as needed.

Because it is relatively new to the Toronto fitness scene, I didn’t have any expectations from the class and the studio, but going there certainly surpassed anything I was thinking. Located above the famous Duke’s Cycle, Barreworks is a bright, big and clean space.  There are three studios, one of which is for spinning. Yes, there is actually a spin/barre hybrid for all of you who like dancing while riding a bike ;).

In addition to their signature Mixed level class, Barreworks offers: Barreworks express, which is basically a 40 min version of what you would find in the one hour mixed level class – perfect for all of you who work nearby and want to break a sweat at lunch ;), Spinbarre and Yogabarre. As a yogi myself, I have since gone back to the studio to check out the Yogabarre. Jaimee, who teaches it, is simply awesome. She teaches a Hatha vinyasa flow, but with her own flair added to it. In this class you will find unique stretches and flows and I loved that the class never stopped moving (unless of course you needed to). It was literally like performing a dance for an hour and fifteen minutes. It was the perfect combination of strength and stretch. So when you do get to the studio, I highly recommend this class as well!

So there you have it, my opinion on a great new studio that you have to check out! Why are you still sitting there reading? Get over to Queen West now!!






The second weekend in September, my husband – Jeff and I went away for a long weekend to Boston. I love Boston! We first took a trip there when we were dating and we both fell in love with the city, everything from their accents to, the great shops, to the European feel you experience while walking the streets. We swore that we would get back. This year we decided to make it our anniversary trip – we celebrated 2 blissfully happy years on August 27th, and we decided that we had to watch the Toronto Blue Jays play the Boston Red Fox at Fenway (this was something we were not able to do the first time we went, since the Red Sox were out of town).  So we packed our bags, sent the little man off to Grandma and Grandpa, and headed to Boston.

Everything was going great until Thursday night – did I mention that we landed Thursday morning? We went out for a steak dinner at Grill 23 and it was delicious. We had wine and Crème Brule, it was amazing! But, then I was up the whole night being sick. Just awesome! I was not going to spend our time in one of my favourite cities stuck in the hotel room though. I powered through on Friday, enjoying the sights and walking hand in hand with Jeff, the whole time wanting to just curl up and sleep for days. But it’s amazing what going to bed early will do for you. By Saturday I was rearing to go and I was so excited to get to the game! We went on a batting practice tour, which basically means we got to walk on the field for 3 minutes and then sat above the Green Monster for Red Sox batting practice and I ducked while he tried to catch the balls that they were smashing our way (I’m convinced it was because of our Blue Jays gear ;).) We then went down near the dugout to watch our home team take batting practice. I totally made eye contact with Henderson Alvarez and JP Arencibia! After being drenched in an insane downpour – something we Torontonians don’t have to worry about with a stadium that has a retractable roof, we decided that with an early morning flight, the smart thing would be to head over to a bar and have some beer where we could at least stay dry and warm to wait out the rain and then watch the game on TV. We felt pretty safe walking around in our Jays shirts and hats since they were beating them to a pulp!

I love going out for brunch, here in Toronto, on vacation….it doesn’t matter where I am, I LOVE brunch. So on this trip we took some advice and went to The Beehive, located in The South End of Boston it is a very up and coming neighbourhood. This place has a real eclectic, funky, yet elegant feel to it. See the photos below to see what we ate. I will let you decide who ate what!


For those that don’t know, I really like baseball and going to baseball games. Together Jeff and I have been to many games, 2 of which we went to on our honeymoon, if you can believe it. We have visited a handful of different stadiums in the U.S, but I have to say that Fenway is by far my favourite. I don’t know if it’s because it is celebrating 100 years, or because of how much Boston loves their baseball and their team (despite their shockingly terrible season), but being there was a TON of fun.







For anyone wanting to visit Boston here are my top 6 picks of things to do/see:

 Fenway Park: As already mentioned, I loved Fenway. Though generations have come and gone, Fenway Park remains, much like it did the day it opened on April 20, 1912. It is the oldest baseball stadium in the U.S; many improvements have been made to keep it shining new. Definitely a must see, even if you’re not a baseball fan.

 Faneuil Hall Market Place: In the heart of Boston, Faneuil Hall Marketplace is adjacent to historic Faneuil Hall and is bordered by the financial district, the waterfront, the North End, Government Center, and Haymarket. You can buy great things to eat, just ask Jeff about the chocolate cannoli he said he didn’t like, yet devoured in record time.

 Boston Common: The starting point of the Freedom Trail, Boston Common is the oldest park in the country and ideal for Boston sightseeing. The park is almost 50 acres in size. On both trips Jeff and I really enjoyed finding a patch of grass to take a break, lie down and maybe take a nap!

Harvard University: Harvard University, which celebrated its 350th anniversary in 1986, is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States. We took a tour of the campus on our first visit and then enjoyed strolling through on our second. Being there makes you want to learn! What an impressive place. No pressure to our little man Brady, but maybe one day we will be visiting him at school there!

Duck Tour: The fun begins as soon as you board your “DUCK,” an authentic World War II amphibious landing vehicle, renovated for sightseeing. First, you’ll be greeted by one of the legendary tour ConDUCKtors, who’ll be narrating the tour. As the best of Boston unfolds before your eyes, your ConDUCKtor will be giving lots of little known facts and interesting insights about the unique and wonderful city of Boston.

 Pub Crawls: Whenever we go on an adult only vacation, hubby and I like to pretend that we are 21 again and go on pub crawls. Let me tell you, Boston is such a great city to do this in! There are so many great pubs to visit, where we can dance and pretend we are students!   You can even find an actual Boston pub crawl map!

Have you been to Boston? What was your favourite part?

Get Fit In The City – Episode 2 Misfit Studio

For those of you that don’t know, I am very fortunate to be apart of a very exciting new project with Eva Redpath. Her new online show “Get Fit in the City”   with Coral TV has just released its second episode. In the episode, Eva (and I) took a Pilates/Yoga Fusion class with Amber at Misfit Studio.

From the moment we walked up to the studio we knew that we were in for a treat. Misfit Studio is a little studio located in the Queen West area, Queen and Euclid to be exact. It is earthy and warm and bright and is a perfect reflection of its owner, Amber. Even her bathrooms rock! You will find awesome vintage decoration throughout – the walls, seating, and storage and even on the walls of the bathroom. It is super creative, and super edgy and super awesome!

From the time class started, Amber’s style put me at ease and I immediately trusted her and wanted to push through the insane AB workout, even though I felt like my stomach was ripping apart. Her class is Pilates/Yoga fusion, and it is exactly as it sounds.  It is an hour of mat based work where you will stretch, strengthen, sweat and get your heart rate up through Amber’s sun salutations, warriors and lunges. In addition to being a fabulously choreographed class, in the background she plays tunes that you wouldn’t expect to hear in a yoga class and have you wondering why the heck not?!

There were many times throughout the class where I found myself mesmerized by the way Amber moves.  She literally oozes as she moves, it’s gooey and smooth and effortless. All of this matched with her impeccable explanations and cues make this class and this studio a definite must!!

What I love about Misfit Studio (In addition to what I already talked about), is that it’s not your typical studio. I love that! In a city where there are literally thousands of us yoga instructors all teaching you how to downward dog, warrior, stand on your head, etc., you need to find your own niche & a way to set your self apart. Amber has done just that with Misfit Studio.

If you are looking for a studio where you can stray off the usual & predictable yoga trail, then get your butt to Queen and Euclid!

You can check out Eva Pilates/Yoga Fusion class here: MISFIT STUDIO

Summer Games 2012

For 17 days straight, I had my TV on pretty much all day, and it was only on three channels, CTV, TSN or Sportsnet. I literally could not get enough of the summer Olympics. For days after the closing ceremony I felt lost, even my 16 month old son would stare at the dark screen, then look at me, and back at the dark screen in total confusion. Together we watched Michael Phelps win his 22nd Olympic medal and Usain Bolt break world records (when he didn’t slow down as he crossed the finished line that is). Together, we would play Olympics where we would have races and he would win, of course. We even had a medal ceremony, where I would place one of my running medals around his neck. We would then sing the national anthem – well I would, he is only 16 months after all and can barely put two words together, let alone sing the Canadian national anthem.

From a very early age I loved watching the Olympics. I would watch the athletes in awe and I would dream about one day representing my country. Since I was a strong swimmer and would beat my brother in swimming races (don’t bring that up with him, he will totally deny it), I always saw myself doing the breast stroke….sigh. While I always enjoy watching as many sports as I can, my favourites were swimming, track and gymnastics. My brother and I even loved playing the Summer Olympic game on the Commodore 64. Remember it? Summer Games, by Epyx. For those of you that are now thinking I am a senior citizen because they are way too young to know what the Commodore 64 was….please take a gander at this: 80’s rocks . We would spend hours perfecting our moves on the joystick, and I became quite the high jump expert in that game.

There were so many memorable moments for me at these Games.

Men’s Triathlon: Alistair Brownlee from Team GB winning Gold with an amazing run time 29.07…29.07 for 10k! After the swimming and the biking! That is crazy insane, that is what you call dedication to your sport. Sadly Canadian Simon Whitfield did not finish the race as he had an unfortunate accident once he got on his bike. Despite that Canadian disappointment, it was incredible to watch Brownlee compete so hard.

Women’s Triathlon: It was heartbreaking to watch Paula Findlay finish last and then break down into tears and apologize for her performance, but I take my hat off to her for pushing through her pain (both mental and physical) to finish the race. No apologies necessary in my books, she’s at the Olympics, she is one of the best in the world!

Men’s 4×100 relay: First off, everyone’s eyes were on Jamaica for this race because let’s be honest, we all wanted to see Bolt run as anchor for this team and set a new world record. I can’t tell you how many people I have spoken to that said that they didn’t even see Canada finish third. It wasn’t until they announced that we got the bronze that people took notice. What came next was devastating, a replay showing that Jared Connaughton stepped on the line before handing off the baton, which meant Canada was disqualified after celebrating for about 5 minutes. I have to hand it to Connaughton, he owned his mistake and feels pretty horrible about what happened to his team as a result.

Usain Bolt: Winning. Every. Single. Race. No other words needed.

Women’s soccer: Christine Sinclair rocks, just keeping it real, she is amazing. Don’t even get me started on the game against the U.S.A. Everyone has an opinion on the Norwegian referee that made some – let’s say interesting calls. What that ref can’t take away though, is the women played hard in that game and it was by far one of the most intense soccer (football if you’re a Brit) games I have ever watched. They could have fallen apart completely as a team, but they came back and won the bronze. Let’s all be honest for a moment though, in the Canada – France game, France was the stronger the team, but the Canadian women were like an annoying kid brother, they were stubborn and fought. I need to take a moment to write about the U.S women’s soccer team and their total lack of class when they won gold. For those that don’t know what I am talking about – see the photo below, when they did their victory lap while donning new t-shirts that read “Greatness has been found”. Now I’m sure they were handed the shirts to wear, so the fault can’t fall completely on the women, but come on U.S.A! It’s called humility. Humble, classy, any of these words sound familiar? We all know you won the gold, including your opponents, we were all there. Celebrate yes of course, but there is no need to gloat. It’s pretty darn ugly to be like that.





Women’s Trampoline: Three words – Rosie MacLennan, gold. That is all.

There you have it, my brief opinions on the summer games. Only 523 days till the winter games, who’s excited??

Are you a fan of the Olympics? If so, what’s your favourite sport to watch?


A few days ago, I opened my binder of notes from the Transformation retreat I went on back in March. In the binder was all the material we had worked on throughout the week (In between our yoga, bootcamp classes and runs) – limiting beliefs, positive affirmations, all of it. It really got me thinking (even more than I did back then) about where many of my negative thoughts come from. Then it hit me, Bullying.  I have been bullied and watching the very much talked about video of the bus monitor from New York state being bullied brought it all together for me. Perhaps growing up I didn’t want to think that I was bullied. Perhaps as an adult I didn’t think that other adults would bully.

I was picked on and made fun for so many things. Growing up I was – believe it or not, tall and skinny, and I got laughed at for that. I wasn’t cute and short like the other girls. I even got bullied by a teacher in elementary school. I remember it so clearly, she wasn’t even my teacher, just another teacher at the school. Every chance she got she picked on me in front of everyone else. There was the time when a friend was taking a picture and she said “don’t take a picture of Lisa; she is so ugly the camera might break”. Or when she was helping out with our class for an art class and I had a question “oh here we go, let’s see what stupid question Lisa has”. As a 12 year old, I didn’t tell my parents because I was worried they would think I was making it up. Instead I kept my mouth shut and for many, many years I felt both stupid and ugly. Other than the teacher, I had many people picking on me for just about everything. I always thought whoever said that the high school years are the best years of your life, are the biggest liars or they were one of the mean girls/guys. I spent my time at the dance studio, dance competitions or at home, wishing I would be invited out to the parties.

When all my schooling was finally over I thought that I could finally start to feel confident about who I am, what I look like etc. I was mistaken. I once worked for someone – an actual adult, who was the biggest bully of them all. I actually longed for the high school mean girls/guys again. Within the first week alone I was called names and shouted at more times than I could count. I would actually fear going to work, heck forget work hours, it was literally around the clock with emails, calls, text messages. During all of this I was going through major personal changes, and I thought this person could be a friend and confidante. Everything I confided in them was used against me, thrown back in my face and talked about behind my back (with my words twisted) with almost everyone I knew. When I finally had the guts to walk away from it all, I took a month off from any work. I needed that time on my own.

For the last few years I have finally started to feel good enough, pretty enough, strong enough, talented enough. I have great friends that are a great support system, an amazing husband who is my best friend, and the best son, who gives the best hugs and kisses ever. Yet here I am feeling like my worlds are starting to collide. I recently found out that this big bully and I have mutual friends, and I am starting to feel those same knots and dread in my stomach.

The new and improved me is trying with all my might to tell that older version of myself that things will be ok. I’m not going to lie, it is damn hard, but I just keep telling myself that it really doesn’t matter that this person is in some way back in life.

Should I ever have to come face to face with them, or any other bully I have met throughout my life, I shall be mature, confident and handle the situation with grace. I will not sink to their level.

To all the moms out there, do everything in your power to raise your little one(s) to be have a good heart, independent mind, be kind, thoughtful, strong and full of grace.  Teach them that bullying is wrong and if they are victims of bullying, those traits will help them to have the courage to stand up to their bully, as I wish I did.  Below are some inspirational quotes that really hit home with me.

Free To Run

I’m in love…with my new Nike Frees. I have wanted a new pair of running shoes for quite some time. My ongoing battle with running shoes has finally come to a stop. I have been saying for at least 2 years that the weight of my running shoes always starts to slow me down at some point during my runs. For me, it’s all about getting faster and stronger.

I had heard about the Nike Free shoe and when I first tried it on about a year ago, while I loved how light it was, I was nervous about how light it was. I was brand spanking new to barefoot running, and felt that I needed to be introduced gradually. Thankfully Nike now has three stages of Nike frees.

1: Nike 3.0 – with a deep flex groove this is the most barefoot shoe. You can roll this little sucker right up into a ball

2: Nike 4.0 – this is for people that have free/barefoot experience. You still get the deep flex grooves, but you have the support needed

3: Nike 5.0 – this is my shoe, and perfect for people who are new to barefoot running.  Flex grooves in the outsole promote a natural stride while the dynamic fit hugs your foot and enhances stability.

I was told that with this shoe you have to allow time for breaking them in. Since it is a barefoot running shoe, you will be using muscles that you have not used before. I took this advice seriously. I did some walking, a couple of short runs and then I took these bad boys out for a longer run, only 8km, but long for my new shoes. I noticed a difference with my first stride. I was lighter, faster, but still in complete control. I was running at a speed that I normally use in races (thanks to my Nike + app, I am now able to track my distance, speed etc). I actually had to slow down a bit for fear that that I would tire myself out way too fast.  I definitely feel that I used muscles that I have never used before in my runs and races, but I feel fantastic!

I am officially in training mode for the Acura 10miler and the Scotiabank Toronto Half Marathon. I am confident that these fluorescent pink babies will help me shave some serious time off.

Have you tried the Nike Frees? Which Free are you, 3.0, 4.0 or 5.0?

It’s in the music

Having a good playlist to listen to while running is huge for me. I know that not everyone is super keen on having music blasting in their ears when they want to focus on their run or race, but I have to have it. I will actually start to panic (just a little) if I am on a run and my iPod dies. I like to think that I have an interesting mix; pop, pop rock, rock, hip hop.  You name it, I have it….except country. Definitely, no country. I have an iPod shuffle just for running that I can clip on and not worry about having to hold anything or needing a case to hold something.

I think it is important to mix up the music you listen to while running to keep things fresh. The last thing you want is a playlist that you are bored with when you are looking for something to motivate you and give you a boost. I like to add/remove songs about every 4 weeks

At the moment, this some of the music that keeps my legs going:

       Walk – Foo Fighters

(I have a lot of Foo Fighters on my shuffle, but Walk has the best beat and I always feel an extra push when it comes on)



Pearl Jam

Besides making me feel like I am 17 again, I love the power behind the music.





Jay Z & Kanye

Watch The Throne is one of my favourite concerts to date. Otis is my ultimate favourite song from these two.



Wild Ones – Flo-rida

it’s poppy, it’s dancey (is that word?), it’s fun.





Without You – David Guetta & Usher

Even though it starts off slow, once Usher gets going so do I.






As a general rule I am not a Pitbull fan, but for running I make an exception.




I hope to see you out there running. Just don’t sneak up on me because I won’t hear you coming 😉