Dancing With the “Stars”

Every new season of Dancing with The Stars I swear that I won’t watch and then every season I get sucked into watching and never miss an episode. Thanks to the power of DVR, this season is no different.

What (or should I say who) pulled me in for season 14? Jaleel White. Can you believe it? Steve Urkel – the nerdy kid and Stefan Urquelle – Urkels’ alter ego from Family Matters who was hopelessly in love with Laura. He made the line “Did I do that?” just as annoying as the Olson twins famous line in Full House “You got it dude!”, yet he stayed loveable.

Urkel has been partnered with Kym Johnson, the Aussie blonde who won the precious mirror ball trophy with football player Hines Ward back in season 12. I have to say I tuned in this season because I thought Urkel would be good and I wanted him to do well. I am no longer rooting for this pair to win. There is something about him that I just can’t get excited about. Perhaps this is due to this week’s post dance interview that made him lose me. For those of you who are able to resist tuning in to watch “stars” cha cha, quickstep or waltz their way into your hearts, this week’s theme was most memorable year, where stars had to pick a memory and a song that they wanted to dance about/to. Urkel chose the year he played Stefan for the first time. Odd right? But it gets worse. Up in the sky box with Brooke Burke Charvet, he broke down and started crying. Now call me cold, but it looked so forced that I could not feel any emotion other than annoyance that I was watching Brooke ask “How was it performing that number” for the 10th time and then having the star reduce to a puddle of tears. Come on Jaleel! Is that why you’re fake crying or is it because you haven’t done anything since Family Matters went off the air?

This season is actually filled with good movers. Every other season there have been a few that stood out, while the rest would just cause me to cringe and cover my eyes. With such good movers, it is hard to pick out an early winner, but I’ve put together my thoughts on the rest of season 14’s line up ( not including Martina and Jack Wagner, who were the first two eliminated).

Gavin Degraw & Karina Smirnoff
Karina was the big winner last season. I can safely say that she will not have back to back wins with Gavin. While I like the odd song that he sings, and it was very touching watching him get really emotional dancing for his family, he will be a guy that lasts another 2-3 weeks, tops.

Donald Driver & Peta Murgatroyd
Green Bay Packers Wide Receiver can move pretty well! He’s got my support, even though he plays for Green Bay.

Roshon Fegan & Chelsie Hightower
This couple looks like they are 12. Roshon is a Disney Channel star. He is there because DWTS airs on ABC. Disney, ABC…get it? ‘nuff said.

Melissa Gilbert & Maksim Cherkovskiy
Poor Maks can’t catch a break on this show. I personally would love to see him win. After all,  “he made the show”. Partnered with Melissa Gilbert? I don’t like his chances of holding that mirror ball above his head. She is this season’s crier. There should be a drinking game, whenever Melissa cries, take a drink.

Katherine Jenkins & Mark Ballas
I had no idea who she was. For those of you who haven’t looked her up yet, she is a Welsh Classical Crossover singer. http://www.katherinejenkins.co.uk/ She sings opera and covers of famous songs and she is a great dancer! Mark Ballas has lucked out with his partners since joining the show. Well apart from Kim Kardashian. They could be this seasons big winners.

Gladys Knight & Tristan MacManus
Does this Irish born pro have to pay his dues before he gets a shot at winning. Last season Nancy Grace, now Gladys Knight. She will be this seasons Cloris Leachman, she should get voted off but she won’t because of her age and because she is so sweet.

William Levy & Cheryl Burke
She is a two time champion, and almost got a third with Rob Kardashian last season. He is a Latin TV star, he is a damn good mover and he looks like a latin Joey Lawrence.  Whoa!


Maria Menounos & Derek Hough
TV host. Their nonstop flirting is stopping me from liking them.

Sherri Shepherd & Val Chmerkovskiy
Maks’s little brother should fare better in his second season being a pro. Sherri Shepherd’s great personality and stage presence will take them pretty far.

There they all are. I look forward to watching each week for both the “stars” and for the endless entertaining comments from the judges.

For all you DWTS fans out there who do you think will win? My prediction is… If fans are voting purely on talent then Katherine Jenkins. But if the fans are voting on talent and a six pack, William Levy.